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General Merchandise

Tarte Cosmetics
NFL Minnesota Vikings Reebok Hats Multiple Styles
Men's Beard Bib Barbering Smock
VTech Closeout - Games & Accessories
FOOD SERVICE CHICKEN LOAD - 25 pallets, 36,238  gross weight
FOOD SERVICE CHICKEN LOAD - 24 pallets, 37,605 gross weight
Starburst Tropical 10/36ct
Skittles Tropical 10/36ct
Skittles Wildberry 10/36ct
Easter Candy
BelGioioso Pre-Sliced Mozzarella
Individually wrapped REAL American cheese slices
Multi-Use Bluetooth Mat
Wine Tool Set In Bottle Shape
Baya Nature's Crystals Air Freshening Crystals
Beach Towels Closeout
GM Truckload $9100.00
Cereal Truckload
Kelty Camping & Outdoor Gear Closeout
Luggage Truckloads Available
Ocean Spray Closeout
Electronic Truckload Available
TV Return Loads
(SOLD) Easter Truckload (SOLD)
return truckloads
(SOLD) Totinos Pizza Stuffers (SOLD)
(SOLD) Baby Sunglasses (SOLD)
(SOLD) Wireless Mouse Closeout (SOLD)
(SOLD) Wholesale Blender Closeout (SOLD)
Bedding and Accessories Customer Returns
Food Service and Retail Food Closeout NOW Available
Milk Bites Closeout
(SOLD) iPad 3 Hard Case Closeout (SOLD)
Trash Bag Closeout
(SOLD) Glade Candle Closeout (SOLD)
Detergent Closeout
Dinnerware Closeout
(SOLD) Redneck Wine Glasses (SOLD)
Instant Rice
(SOLD) Wholesale Sunglasses - Metal (SOLD)
Wholesale Sunglasses
DV Meal Bars
(SOLD) Sirloin Steak Closeout (SOLD)
(SOLD) Hot Sauce 375 cases remaining (SOLD)
Seasonal Truckload - Apperal, bedding, towels and more
(SOLD) Peanut Butter Closeout (SOLD)
Pasta Food Service
Multigrain Cereal
GM Truckload - Toys-GM-Electronics
(SOLD) Sylvania Netbook Closeout
(SOLD) Chicken Closeout
(SOLD) Beef Patty Closeout F/C (SOLD)
(SOLD) Cookie Closeout 2 Truckloads (SOLD)
Cake Mix Closeout
(SOLD) Chicken Fajita Strips Closeout (SOLD)
(SOLD) > contact us for other Chicken Patty Closeouts
(SOLD) Hot Sauce Closeout (SOLD)
All Beef Hot Dogs
Chicken Chunks
Shoe Closeout
Wholesale Improvement Store Houseware Truckloads
Wholesale Windows and Doors Truckloads
Wholesale Outdoor Tool Truckloads
Wholesale Electronics Truckloads
Wholesale appliance Truckloads
Wholesale Automotive Tools
Wholesale TV's - Graded Vizio (1/2 truckloads) available
Wholesale Toys - New case lot toy loads
(SOLD) Twizzler Nibs Bulk Pack (SOLD)
Major Home Improvement Store Loads Available!
(SOLD) Spicy Chicken Patties
Major Home improvement Store Loads Available


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