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Baby Closeouts and Shelf Pulls

  • Baby Magic
    Baby Magic
    All brand new, factory cases Total Cases:  6,940 Total Units: 34,632 Baby Magic Hair and Body Wash. 30 oz. with pump  UPC: 075371050749...
  • Versa-Totes
    COMING SOON!   STYLE: 8 Different SKU’s Available CS/PK: 10 RETAIL: $95.00 CONTACT TODAY  FOR MANIFEST AND TO PRE-ORDER! Product Specifications : Crafted with...

wholesale hardware

CRATE Wholesale is proud to provide reliable services and closeout baby inventories.

  • Enhanced revenue due to cost effective baby inventories.

  • Fast, quick and simple shipping quotes! GET A QUOTE NOW! Or simply give us a call TOLL FREE at 1-855-52-CRATE (1-855-522-7283)

  • CRATE Wholesale understands the importance of quality and timely shipping to your store. We provide exceptional shipping of wholesale hardware loads to your store within 2 business days (within a 5 state region)

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Excess Inventory?

  • Do you have excess inventory around your warehouse or retail store?
  • Have you had to mark your profit+/-loss records “in red” because of extremely outdated product?
  • Has your merchandise recently gone out of date, or has a brand new product similar to yours come to the market that depreciates the value of yours?
  • Have you been “stuck” with seasonal or holiday merchandise that you thought would sell much better than it actually did?
  • Has you or your company purchased and/or manufactured more product than your projected sales?
  • Has your product been manufactured slightly off spec or required guidelines?
  • Did you or your company make an unfortunate “bad buy” and you are now stuck with product you cannot move?
  • Does your company need extra cash flow?

If you have apparel inventories available, please send it to or click the link below. We are happy to work with you.

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Quick Thanks To Our Customers

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Sincerely, All of us at CRATE

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