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Welcome to CRATE Wholesale, the best place on the web for wholesale deals and Wholesale Candy! We try to list all our products online but many will not make it to our site because of the fast turnaround. If you are looking for wholesale candy and don’t see it listed, please let us know and we will put you on rotation

wholesale candy

  • Brand Name Chocolate
    Brand Name Chocolate
      Brand Name Chocolates! Twix Cadbury Reeses Hershey Kit Kat M&M’s and much, much more…. Contact for pricing and availability...
  • Starburst Tropical 10/36ct
    Starburst Tropical 10/36ct
      Starburst Tropical 10/36ct UPC: 000001156 Unit/Master: 360 Cs/Qty: 500 Exp: 9/2017 Contact for more info...
  • Skittles Tropical 10/36ct
    Skittles Tropical 10/36ct
    Skittles Tropical 10/36ct UPC: 000001163 Unit/Master: 360 Cs/Qty: 505 Exp: 12/2017 Contact for more info...
  • Skittles Wildberry 10/36ct
    Skittles Wildberry 10/36ct
    Skittles Wildberry 10/36ct UPC: 4000001162 Unit/Master: 360 Cs/Qty: 695 Exp: 12/2017 Contact for more info...
  • Easter Candy
    Easter Candy
    FOB: MN 100 % Candy no general merchandise Mixed dating (you will receive in date, out of date an close dated) 30 full boxes...
    Giuseppe Cocco Pasta UPC: 754122314476 14 truckloads 30 pallets per truckload Exp: 2018 Contact for more info...
  • BelGioioso Pre-Sliced Mozzarella
    BelGioioso Pre-Sliced Mozzarella
    121/16 MOZZ CHUNK Code: MZSTRT Weight: 3,636 5 pallet Exp: 1/16-2/16 Contact for more info...

CRATE Wholesale is proud to provide reliable services and wholesale candy to our customers. Understanding the core elements of supplying wholesale candy, salvage and wholesale products is what allows CRATE Wholesale to provide the best pricing to our retail and wholesale customers.

  • Enhanced revenue due to cost effective wholesale candy and closeout truckloads

  • Although purchasing a truckload on the other side of the country “typically” does not make sense for retailers….BUT…. You will be happy to hear when you buy with CRATE Wholesale, you may be able to buy that truckload with our low cost shipping. CRATE Wholesale prides it self in the ability to provide cost effective shipping to all of our customers along with the cheapest wholesale candy loads in the industry! If there is a wholesale candy load you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to LET US provide you with a quote regardless of its location!

  • Fast, quick and simple shipping quotes! GET A QUOTE NOW! Or simply give us a call TOLL FREE at 1-855-52-CRATE (1-855-522-7283)

  • CRATE Wholesale understands the importance of quality and timely shipping to your store. We provide exceptional shipping of wholesale candy loads to your store within 2 business days (within a 5 state region)

  • All proper and correct descriptions of wholesale candy truckloads and products will be defined to our customers accurately, and all information obtained will be disclosed so there are “NO surprises”!

  • CRATE Wholesale tries to sell all manifested products and merchandise to make it easy on our customers, and most of the time wholesale candy loads will be manifested, but sometimes products will not be available with a manifest due high turnover rates, we are happy to answer any question you have regarding any products offered on our website.

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Excess Inventory?

  • Do you have excess inventory around your warehouse or retail store?
  • Have you had to mark your profit+/-loss records “in red” because of extremely outdated product?
  • Has your merchandise recently gone out of date, or has a brand new product similar to yours come to the market that depreciates the value of yours?
  • Have you been “stuck” with seasonal or holiday merchandise that you thought would sell much better than it actually did?
  • Has you or your company purchased and/or manufactured more product than your projected sales?
  • Has your product been manufactured slightly off spec or required guidelines?
  • Did you or your company make an unfortunate “bad buy” and you are now stuck with product you cannot move?
  • Does your company need extra cash flow?

If you have wholesale candy loads available, we would like to see your inventory! We are always looking for new corporate relations and ways to build our business.

Many of our clients and customers realize they have excess inventory or product sitting around their warehouse. Don’t let this happen to you, and don’t let the value of your product continue to drop! Depreciation is real as we all know when dealing with wholesale candy loads, salvage and closeout loads, the faster a product can be turned, the faster you are able to remove it from your inventory and avoid marking your profit/loss records “in red”. See below for our easy to fill out form to sell your wholesale candy truckloads.

If you have wholesale candy available, click here to fill out a form with your information, we will contact you as soon as possible.


Quick Thanks To Our Customers

CRATE Wholesale wants to send a special “thank you” to all of our retail and wholesale customers. We understand how important you are to our business, and, just like any other business, we would not be around if it was not for your loyalty and support towards CRATE Wholesale. Once again, thank you.

Sincerely, All of us at CRATE

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