Men’s Beard Bib Barbering Smock

Catches Hair Clippings & Helps Prevent Mess When You Shave or Trim Your Beard, Static Free/Water Repellent 300T Woven Polyester, With Storage Pouch, Black.

  • No More Mess: Tired of beard clippings all over the bathroom sink? Use our salon-style smock to catch those pesky hairs so you can shave in hassle-free comfort. Catches even the tiniest trimmings.
  • Stronger & Sturdier: Forget beard bibs made with flimsy fabrics. this comes in 300T polyester, tightly woven to withstand tons of wear. Soft yet rugged, it’s also static-free & water-repellent.
  • Easy to Use: Simply fasten the Velcro-backed collar ties. Then use the suction cups (attached) to secure the bib to your bathroom mirror. Presto: an instant apron for corralling all stray hairs.

Product description

Tightly woven of premium polyester (300 thread count), our men’s beard bib catches even the tiniest clippings as you trim & shave your beard. Resists static, repels water, comes with free storage bag.

You know the drill. You’re shaving or trimming your beard over the bathroom sink… and next thing you know, there are hair clippings everywhere. That’s when your Significant Other lets you know she is not amused. (That’s putting it mildly.)

Fortunately there’s a simple solution: this salon-style men’s beard bib from Penn Cove. Made of durable 300T woven polyester, it catches those pesky hairs before they can cover your counters, mess up your sink, or clog your drain.

Custom-Made for Beard Grooming, This Barbering Smock Features:

• Wider shoulders to catch small, stray hairs at both sides
• Spacious apron for corralling every clipping
• Velcro-backed collar that keeps the bib on securely & comfortably
• Strong suction cups at both ends for attaching bib firmly to your mirror
• Sturdy hooks you can clip to the neck ties… to form a secure, instant pocket for hair trimmings

Easy Wear, Easy Care

Just put on the bib, secure the suction cups & start shaving. When you’re done, gently shake the clippings into the trash and spot-clean the bib if needed. (It can also be hand-washed in the sink & line-dried.)CO

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